Diary in English7/8


I woke up, did laundry, ate lunch and studied English as usual.
Today I studied about phrasal verbs:call around, catch up, give in, show off, work out,get along, back out, go for, find out and wear down.
I made some sentences for review.

・I called around in order to find a restaurant we can reserve.
・Hi Mary! Long time no see! Lets catch up!*

*"Long time no see" is an idiom.  I know it sounds like funny grammar  :-)
・Her mother didnt allow her daughter to have a cat, but she finally gave in.
・My boss showed off his new car.*

*Usually "show" and "off" are not split, they should stay next to each other.
・Your efforts will work out someday!
・I get along with my boss and co-workers
・We should back out of the competitive bidding.
・You completed the text for beginners. You should go for the intermediate class.
・I found out who broke this door.*

*"who has broken" or "who broke".  However "who broke" is best here
・I was worn down to join the picnic on Saturday.

Then I went for dinner with my friends. We are friends from high school.
We went to Shinsekai in Osaka to eat Kushikatu.
The city is dangerous, but famous for Kusikatu and the Tutenkaku Tower.
We enjoyed Kusikatu. It tasted great!

Then I got a surprise present when we were about to leave the restaurant!
I was surprised and impressed! They prepared presents and a letter for me because Im going to leave for the UK. Im really happy to have spent a good time with them!




Thank you for your correction! Alison on italki.

Great text.  You will have no problems in the UK!